About Us

Parsian Shiraz has been actively engaged in the production and distribution of different products since 1939 and in order to specialize in the field of food systems within limits in the chain of production, supply and distribution of food, agricultural and industrial products, with the use of its facilities, subsidiaries and sister companies in Fars province and all over Iran and other countries has raised its agenda of activities in domestic and foreign markets.


A superior organization with brands such as Khoshnam, Shani2 and Noname. Knowledgeable in the field of food production and supply with high credibility and acceptance among clients.


Our mission:
A high quality and healthy food production and supply according to national standards and international management in accordance with relevant standards.


Our products:
All types of pickled and salted products, jams, tomato paste, lemon juice,v erjuice, meat and non-meat canned products, sauces, natural and distilled vinegar, beans, tea, 100% natural herb extracts, honey, medical and industrial alcohol, dates, olive oil, pomegranate paste, sherbets, saffron, nuts, flour, broken sugar cubes, sugar, fruit juices.